Free Training Program: Danger Zones

Back in 2009, we saw a huge increase in Danger Zone Fatalities. Consequently, The School Bus Safety Company, National Association for Pupil Transportation, Public School Risk Institute and 247Security Inc,, decided to provide, to any district or contractor, a free copy of the Danger Zone driver training program.

As of 1st of October 2012, more than 4,000 copies have been provided to school districts and contractors who operate around 300,000 school buses.

If you still do not have a copy, click here to:

Once ordered, you will receive the DVD in a few days. To download a copy of the Trainer's Guide and Driver's Handout, please click the links below and print them out. They support the safe practices taught in the DVD.

Trainer's Guide Download

Driver's Handout Guide

Please share this program with your drivers so they can learn how to prevent Danger Zone accidents.

Twelve to Zero
Using this program to ensure the drivers clearly know all the safe practices to prevent Danger Zone Fatalities, is the first step in trying to have zero child fatalities in a year.