Transporting Students With Special Needs Course


Following onto the hugely successful Driver Training Course, The School Bus Safety Company has now created a comprehensive training program for the drivers of Students with Special Needs. This course includes seven DVD's, a trainer's guide, a driver study guide and a job aid summary. Safely and correctly transporting Special Needs students has its own challenges and this course addresses every issue to help the driver provide the most professional service possible. The DVD's show exactly how and what to do under every scenario. Training using high quality DVD's is far better than using PowerPoint or just manuals. The best materials create the best and safest drivers.


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Prepare your drivers with the newest and most comprehensive curriculum available.

Transporting Students
With Special Needs

Titles Include:
1. Legislation Overview
2. Transportation Challenges
3. Types of Special Needs
4. Lifts & Mobility Devices
5. Securement
6. Emergency Evacuations
7. Balancing Needs

"Nothing like this has ever been available - this course addresses every issue involving the safe transportation of students with special needs" - Jeff Cassell, President School Bus Safety Company

Be sure your drivers have the training they need to provide your students with a safe ride. This course is complete with DVD's, guides and job aids for your drivers.


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Each program contains 7 instructional DVDs. In addition, the kit includes:

A Driver Study Guide. This guide is used in the classroom, in the yard and during the behind-the-wheel skills-based training. It includes a complete and accurate description of every major skill in the course. [One guide is included. You’ll want to purchase one for each new driver you train.]

A Classroom Trainer’s Guide with instructions on how to teach each lesson.

A Job Aid Summary

Cost of the kit is $1795, including materials for all seven programs and one of each guide. Additional copies of the guides are available separately at a nominal cost. Contact us for quantity pricing.

You can order now (we’ll bill you!) via our online shopping cart or you can download the order form and call, fax or email your order.

NOTE: You can only order copies of the guides in addition to the full course. Guides will not be provided on their own.